In my Filipino household growing up, I learned to always consider honor and respect towards others. Those values are hard-wired into the culture and language – in gestures used in greetings, in the honorific titles you use to address anyone who’s older, and in the polite and respectful forms of words and phrases.

The word “opo” means “yes” (with respect). I couldn’t think of a better word that would give a nod to my ethnic heritage and also encapsulate our company values of positivity, respect, and honor.

Opo Coffee is an Atlanta-based specialty coffee company serving in roasting, retail, and education with a values-based, holistic-impact approach. It’s the latest step in my journey in coffee and business that has previously included opening several coffee bars and the establishment of Taproom Coffee & Beer in the Kirkwood neighborhood of Atlanta.

Opo is a communal effort from its inception, launching with a team of veteran coffee professionals and a wide community of stakeholders. I’m grateful to every person who chooses to be on this journey with us, and I’m excited to see the ways we’ll collectively make a positive impact in people’s lives throughout the world using specialty coffee.

With Respect,



Why We Exist

Our Mission

to use specialty coffee to make a positive impact in people’s lives throughout the world.

Our Values


We seek to be continually uplifting, edifying, and supportive of others, aiming for positive growth and impact in individual lives and communal existence.


We are grounded in integrity and uncompromising ethics in our relationships with our customers, staff, partners, and all those whom we serve, living out respect in what we say and what we do.


We conduct ourselves with an ethos of honoring others above self. We recognize the inherent worth and dignity of fellow human beings and genuinely express appreciation and celebration of others.

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