As a company, we value education and training, which is why our space is outfitted with a coffee training lab. Everyone from home coffee enthusiasts to professional baristas will be able to find a class that aligns with their skill set and curiosities.

Do you have a home espresso machine, but aren’t quite sure how to pull that perfectly balanced shot? Do you love a milk-based beverage but can’t get the silky texture that your neighborhood baristas can? Need to improve upon your pourover technique? Then you will love our community classes! These will be offered on a regular basis and with a limited number of attendees so that you’ll be sure to get plenty of hands on training with one of our capable staff members. Class dates to be announced soon!

SCA Certifications

Are you a coffee professional looking to further your coffee skills and knowledge, all while obtaining certifications that will follow you on your career path? Then you should look into our SCA Coffee Skills courses. We will offer the following

  • Introduction to Coffee
  • Brewing
  • Barista Skills
  • Roasting

We are still finalizing our course curricula, but we plan to launch our Intro class by June 2023. If you’d like to be added to our list of interested students, please email and we’ll reach out once we’re putting out our initial class dates!

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